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Food Stamp Nation

Here goes another random, useless piece of trivia that will not be on the news tonight.

America has been setting a lot of records as of late…record debt — 16 trillion and growing, record amount of people becoming unemployed over 12 months, etc. etc..

Here is another new statistic to support the “recovery” the Big O keeps telling us we are experiencing:

15% of the entire country is now on food stamps

45,800,000 Americans are now receiving food stamps http://www.fns.usda.gov/pd/29SNAPcurrPP.htm

Measure this stat against the Dow Jones Industrial crossing 13,000.   Unemployment is supposedly dropping but people on food stamps and living in poverty is increasing.    So which stats are people hearing on the news?   Which stat really matters?

“Without bread all is misery.”

- William Cobbett, British journalist- (1763-1835)