In the Trough Feb11


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In the Trough

Read it before they delete it… two headlines today about two politicians who are accused of abusing their position of power to enrich themselves.

Former New Orleans Mayor Nagin accused of pay to play deals

Congressman Spencer Bachus from Alabama for insider trading

What is so fascinating about these two articles is that they actually made the paper…meaning someone somewhere actually still cares about this.  Obviously investigations in our country for the C-Level type executives and politicians usually last long enough for accusers to disappear or news editors to become disinterested.  Memories are short and good council at the top level can keep the delay process going for decades.   That is why Jon Corzine is currently shopping for office space to launch his new venture

No bother that the $1,600,000,000 his company embezzled from its segregated account customers is still missing, Corzine is out shopping.

That is why today’s headlines about the ex-Mayor of New Orleans and the Congressman from Alabama ought to be printed off on hard paper and put in a time capsule because most likely after today these websites will get pushed to the back behind all the American Idol  and “We need to go to war with Iran” stories.