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Our Afghan “allies”

Can somebody please explain why we are still in Afghanistan?

*No strategic interests

* 3-4 Trillion dollars over 10 years spent on road building, killing bad guys, and “peacekeeping” in this remote wasteland

*Over 2780 Americans dead and 25,000 wounded

* Al Qaeda pulverized

* Bin Laden dead (pictures please?)

It is refreshing to see  that the mainstream media has decided to cover the recent events in Afghanistan where US soldiers have recently been attacked and killed by our military “allies” in the Afghan army.   Refreshing because it could cause some Americans who get their news from the 5:30pm mainstream media to start questioning why their neighbors and nephews are overseas dying for this sandbox.

The catalyst that ignited this latest round of attacks on US soldiers was due to US soldiers confiscating and destroying a Koran that was being used to transmit messages between captured Taliban prisoners.  Since this event happened 1 week ago, 4 US soldiers have been attacked and killed by our “allies” in the Afghan military.

This recent attack again on American soldiers by our Afghan  ”allies” is eerily familiar to what happened last year.   In April 2011, a US citizen threatened to burn a Koran in Florida (15,000 miles away from Afghanistan) and it caused deadly riots throughout Afghanistan.  That anti-American rioting killed 7 UN workers as  well the deaths of  dozens of other innocent people.  See http://articles.latimes.com/2011/apr/04/world/la-fg-afghan-koran-riots-20110404

Can someone please give a coherent argument to why our troops should be forced to protect themselves from our “allies” why they continue try to:

A. Kill Taliban  B. Build roads and schools  C. Protect Afghan President Hamid Karzai from the other 98% of Afghans who want to kill him

There has to be a bigger picture out there otherwise Obama and all the Republican candidates (minus Ron Paul) surely wouldn’t continue to spend trillions to help a country that hates us right?