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The New American Poverty site was created by Marcus Tovar after years of frustration of having to try to “pick through the news” to get the real facts on what is really going on in the world.  Regardless of how the elite on the left, right, center, etc. want to spin it, America is on a serious downward slide and the traditional media no longer “report’  the news, it “creates the news” based on their unique political philosophy.


This blog has a political bias and that bias is this…99% of the people who “represent” the American people are creepy, crummy, and are not motivated with anything but pure political opportunism to get what they can before the music stops.  This bias is neither “left,” “right” or “center” because those are the words that the elite have historically used to categorize and separate the American public while they extract their commissions from the juicy beltway deals they legislate.


This blog is about America sinking…  a political, financial and cultural slide the seeds of which have been sown for decades.   It goes beyond politics and party, red states and blue states and every other cheap slogan that is employed to confuse the real issues.   Our core is melting from decades of indifference and moral relativism.  As a result of this decay we have inherited the politicians we deserve and the nut job policies they  have created to enslave the average American to continue serving the state.


The State is getting bigger, paychecks are getting thinner and liberty is gradually being eroded.


Truth, facts and open ears are all the ammo needed to make changes to the landscape.  It is my hope that this website will soon have a plethora of participants who share the same hunger for real “hope” and “change.”